C/228th ASHB at Camp Evans

I was in Charlie Company from Dec'67 to Dec'68. The company was still at An Khe base camp when I first arrived. I attended "Charm School" and was then assigned to a maintenance crew. In less than a month I was a crewchief and started flying. It seems that all of C company was moved to Camp Evans by February '68. (CRS)... There was plenty of excitement up in I Corps TZ: the Tet Offensive (Jan'68), Khe Sahn, A Shau Valley, Camp Evans ammo dump fiasco, etc... Jim Ketcham...Dec'67 - Dec'68

evans-01 C/228th's The Dirty Dozen at Camp Evans. Jim Ketcham is #9. Early 1968 photo.

evans-02 C/228th's finest WO pilots in front of their GP Medium. Early 1968 photo.

evans-03 We parked in DEEP holes at Camp Evans. View of Crimson Tide Park.

evans-04 #472's famous photo hover/unloading at a mountain top LZ in A Shau Valley.

evans-05 CPT Lassiter's new bunker.

evans-06 #129 - my first ship to FE. Good centerfold photo!

evans-07 #468 - "Little Annie Fannie" - Ron Turner and Bob Schweitzer.

evans-08 #468 again with Bob Schweitzer and my ol' chief, Dennis LeClear.

evans-09 Steve Henshaw's photos (also with former Go-Go guys who came to C co.) updated Apr'08

evans-10 Rick Wilken's photos at Camp Evans and 006 at Red Beach.