C/228th // Steve Henshaw photos //

Steve Henshaw, FE (Left) and I think Danny Diehl, CC (R) at Camp Evans.
I believe the ship is 66-19039. That looks like Diehl and he was Steve's CrewChief.


Steve Henshaw, FE (L) and Cotterman (R) at Camp Evans. Steve's new "B" model.
I remember they came with the pitot tube cover "stick" and was much easier to put on!


 1. Jimmy Sesnan

 2. Gary Henline

 3. Freddie Brown

 4. Bruce Salley

 5. Steve Henshaw

 6. Mel "Tex" Chappell

 7. "Tino"Livas

Now this is a fine crew! Salley and Livas from Guns-A-Go-Go after they disbanded in March '68. Freddie was Tech Supply Clerk. Hmmm... I don't remember that big mound of dirt. Is that Majestic Mount Cline (as referenced on the Headquarters sub-link)?

 1. Bruce Salley (was Guns-A-Go-Go)

 2. Len Demaray (was Guns-A-Go-Go)

 3. "Ed" Flores (was Guns-A-Go-Go)

 4. Steve Henshaw

Steve, what are you doing to those old Guns-A-Go-Go guys? They all have their eyes closed. Ahhh... Must have been too much of that Budweiser you are holding!


Steve was on the spot to take this photo of the crash of #006 at Phu Cat AFB.
It lost an aft blade on short final and everything went 'downhill' from there. Photo must have been very soon after the crash - fire is out but still smoking. They were bringing folks to the 1967 Bob Hope Christmas Show at Phu Cat Air Force Base.
I have a report on this crash and it lists the casualities. For some unknown reason the report states that the crash occured at Bien Hoi AFB (we all know it was Phu Cat). I also have photos of #006 after it was recovered and taken to Red Beach.