C / 228th at Camp Evans (and Red Beach) // Ric Wilken photos //




W2 Ric Wilken (left and below) says these photos
have just been recovered from a scrap book
that has been in storage for 32 years.
They were taken between
May and October of 1968.


Anyone remember this area? Maybe 227th or 229th off to the side of our 228th area?

Obviously one of our C company ships. Too bad we can't read the tail number.

Here is another view of 006 that crashed down at Phu Cat AFB while taking troops to the 1967 Bob Hope Christmas Show.
It was recovered back to An Khe afterward and then slung to Red Beach when the Cav moved north to I Corps.
I guess 15th TC used 006 and 080 to cannibalize parts.