Camp Evans /// Gene Lassiter photo

CPT Norman E. Lassiter: Gene was C/228th Opns Off, Apr'68 - Aug'69. After the Camp Evans ammo dump fiasco, CPT Lassiter decided to go underground. "I had a D-9 scratch out a big hole in the ground, leaving a large pile of dirt beside it, while I "gathered" timbers and PSP. Before I could begin constuction, a typhoon filled the hole with H2o, prompting some clown to erect the sign proclaiming - Welcome to Majestic Mt. Cline adjoining Lovely Lake Lassiter." "Nobody laughed when it was finished and I was underground during the rocket attacks."

(MAJ Cline became our CO after MAJ Matthews was wounded when #080 was shot down in the A Shau Valley.)