Aircraft      Nickname

DATE      Location


64-13154    Birth Control

Feb'68      Hue

  Forced Landing / NVA Mortar (LOSS)

Obviously this is "Birth Control" (64-13154) as we can see from the combat artwork
by the front door. It is the first Guns-A-Go-Go photo that I received (which caused me to add the Guns-A-Go-Go link to the 228th web site). Location and time frame of this photo is unknown.

"Birth Control" photo by Ed Shufflebarger and provided by JR Wright...

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breaking it up into separate links. This also makes it much easier to add additional photos
and other information. Click on each link below for more photos:

birth-01 ( Birth Control crew photo // Guy Purdy )

birth-0a ( Birth Control crew with new members // Richard Blakeley )

birth-02 ( Flight crews posed by Birth Control = January 1968 )

birth-03 ( Blade change at Chu Lai )

birth-04 ( Photos of personnel, one is of Len receiving the Silver Star )

birth-05 ( Len propped on a condemed forward transmission )

birth-06 ( Henry Sonoda and Umbarger posed with Birth Control )

birth-07 ( Dave Borrego posed with Birth Control at An Khe )

birth-08 ( Good view down the right side including weapons pylon )

birth-09 ( Clipping from "1st Cav Newsletter" Don Swan interviewing David Knudsen )

birth-10 ( 1SG Myron Obernier with Birth Control )

birth-90 ( The remains of Birth Control - a photo from Bill Scott, B/228th )

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