Birth Control // Bill Scott photos //

Bill Scott sent this photo. He wrote on the back "Tet '68, remains of Guns-A-Go-Go"
We have discussed it and concluded this is a photo of the remains of BIRTH CONTROL. She was shot up and made a forced landing. EASY MONEY came in and picked up her crew. The NVA mortared her and this is all that was left.
"The ole girl went out proud."

Now we have "final" photos of all four ships! Thanks Bill for sharing the photo with us.

My apologies to Bill Scott and Go-Go crews that it took so long for me to get this photo posted to the web site.
It is appropriate that the 2nd Guns-A-Go-Go Reunion is taking place today in Huntsville, AL (June 9, 2001).
Sorry your "de facto" historian couldn't be there with you guys...

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