Go-Go Unit photos // Guy Purdy photo //

A group photo taken sometime in 1967. It is a large photo and will take time to load.
If you can identify someone or add additional information on these guys - please
email Jim Ketcham - and I will update the photo. Guy Purdy took the photo and it
was sent to me in a batch from David Knudsen and David Borrego.
We have some new thinking and identification with this photo. I will indicate the changes in RED.

 1. SP6 Sutton

 2. SGT Clauson (Supply)

 3. Walt Lacey

 4. SP5 Valentine

 5. Mike Cien

 6. Victor Poole

 7. Waltz

 8. Lou Foy

 9. Mike Meer

 10. Hernandez

 11. Joe Arron

 12. Darrel McClain

 13. Jim Macias

 14. Sonny Abernathy

 15. Dave Knudsen

 16. Bob Nelson

 17. Bob Potts

 18. Guy Purdy

 19. Virgil Liefer

 20. SFC Paul

 21. SGT Joseph S. Wentzell Sr.

 22. SP5 Babbit

 23. Robinson

 24. Earl Bordelon

 25. Darwin Pullman

 26. Dave Borrego

 27. Tom Lilly


 29. Harry Belue

 30. SFC Newman

Last updated December 24, 2002 with information from Pamela Wentzell Strickland.

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