Stump Jumper // ACH-47A // 64-13151 // Vung Tau // July '66

OK, guys - here she is - "STUMP JUMPER"
This photo is courtesy of Jim Whitner. Thanks Jim. It is the first photo I have seen of the old girl with her "STUMP JUMPER" combat artwork viewable. According to records I have obtained:

04 Jul 66: #151 lost #2 engine on a gun run causing a forced landing in an open field.
Stumps caused major damage to the belly and cross beams.

05 Aug 66: #151 was destroyed in a ground taxi accident on the ramp at Vung Tau.

The "STUMP JUMPER" artwork had to be less than 30 days old when she was destroyed at Vung Tau. The dog-gone paint was hardly dry!

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