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  2. Thank you Jimmy Ketcham and Bill Scott for updating this website. It will be interesting to see who shows up. Still looking for Larry Campbell just in case anyone sees him and Bill Corbin who was a great gunner for me and Larry.

  3. To get to where you can post a message on the guest book page enter your username and pass word along with the security id. then click on the 228th .org button and it will bring you to the guestbook page Here you can enter your message. In order to keep hackers and spammers from our website your message will be sent to me first. As soon as I get it I will approve it and post it. Please keep all of your post family orientated. Also you can change your password when you first log in. Just scroll down and you will see a place to change your pass word so you can change it from the one that is originally assigned to you that has all of the funny different things in it and is impossible to remember.

  4. Looking forward to meeting up with “old” comrades sometime in the future. Been a long time since I’ve an opportunity to see any of you, Lee Komich being the last Longhorn I visited (June 2014). Best wishes to all. Mike Clark, B Co., Aug 68-Aug 69

  5. If you have tried to sign up on the guest book page and not heard back from me Email me as I have gotten a lot of scamers tring to sign up for our guest book. Simply email me your name and email address and I will enter you and send you a confermation email

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