E-Mail Addresses

Headquarters & Headquarters Company:

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Gary M. Crull ( Mar'66/Mar'67 )

A. Green ( Flight Operations Coordinator )

Ken Jenkins ( Jun'66/Jan'67 as S-4 and Jan'67/May'67 as Company Commander )

Ted Jenkins ( Feb-Apr 68 // CH-54 Pilot // Coordinator for 478th Crane missions )

Terry A. Kendall ( also B Co.) Pilot

Anthony (Tony) Muller ( Pilot and also A company )

David Norman ( 1966, 67, 68 Opns - call sign "Thunderbird 65" )

David Reinhardt ( Dec'68-Sep'69 Operations, driver and radio )

Sam Rierson, Jr. ( 68-69 Crew Chief on Bulldog 6's UH-1 = Qbee 377 )

Dave Thomas ( Crew Chief for Col Speedman at Red Beach and Camp Evans )

Robert A. Ware ( 68-69 Door Gunner on Bulldog 6's UH-1 )

Robert (Bob) Warns ( Sep'68/69 CW4 Pilot on Bulldog 6's Huey & Loach - for Cmdrs Paquette, Dukes, Bush )


Dan Austin


15th TC, Red Beach, Bear Cat, Flt Crew

Rodney Brown

Flight Engineer

147th ASHC, Vung Tau, Aug'67-Jun'68

Pat Dougan

Varsity 3

B/159th One-OH-Worst 70/71

Dan Dugan

Test Pilot [Go-Go 145]

Edwards Air Force Base, CA

Paul Fretts

Hook Driver

205th ASHC at Phu Loi

George Miller

Hook Driver

Hillclimber & Pachyderm

Wayne Mutza


CH-47 Book Squad/Sig Pubs

Frank Grose

Hook Driver

147th Hillclimbers / Vung Tau / Aug'67/68

Gary Roush

Hook Driver

242nd Muleskinners, POC for VHPA

Jim Schuh


A/15th TC, An Khe

Doug Sprouse

Maint/Fort Eustis

Restoration of EASY MONEY

Gary Thewlis

Hook Driver

Bill Turner

Flight Engineer

205th ASHC at Phu Loi on 077, 10/69 - 11/70

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