Hq & Hq Co. / 228th ASHB   

This is part of the 228th's Battalion Headquarters staff around June '68. The picture was provided
by Gene Lassiter and updated with info from Joe Newsome and Ralph Jackson.
The occasion is MAJ Newsome's promotion party at Camp Evans in Bn Hq.
Gene was a "good-guy" in Charlie Company before transfering to BN HQ.

Battalion Headquarters staff, and others from 228th ASHB,
photo from Gene Lassiter

1. MAJ Ralph Jackson, CO of B/228

6. (?) Kliber

10. Doc (Flt Sgn)

2. CPT Neilson

7. LTC Wichman (XO)

11. (?) Muller

3. CWO Orlando Anzolatta (S1 shop)

8. CPT Gene Lassiter

12. (?) Lunsetter

4. MAJ (?) Howard

9. (?) Murphy

13. MAJ Anthony Vickers

5. MAJ Joe Newsome, B/228


CPT Norman E. Lassiter: Gene was 228th's Bn S-3, Bulldog 3 in 68-69. Gene says, "this is the most pitiful mustache in all of Vietnam".

Gene started his tour in C/228th, but transfered to Battalion Headquarters mid tour (Aug'68) to become Bn S-3, Bulldog 3. LTC Paquette was the 228th Bn Cdr at that time.

See the link to C/228th for a picture and story about "Majestic Mount Cline" and "Lovely Lake Lassiter".



LTC Emory Bush presenting a certificate/award to a Boeing/Vertol Tech Rep. This is also at
Phouc Vinh in 1969. photo from Robert Warns

April'99 update = David Dunn at Boeing came up with the Tech Rep's name.
David said his name was Yaj Lainski and that he passed away several years ago.