"Easy Money" // ACH-47A // 64-13149

Easy Money was the only Go-Go left after "Birth Control" was destroyed at Hue on 22 Feb 68.
She is a combat veteran and the sole survivor of the CH-47 Gunships. She is still with us today, although not flyable. Due to her long history, I have divided this link into four major periods that seem to be likely dividing points. Click on the hyper-text links below for each time frame.

 Easy Money's

 Combat Tour In Vietnam

 June 1966 to April 1972

 Easy Money's

 Travel In The United States

 July 1972 to 1998

 Easy Money's

 Restoration At Fort Eustis

 January 1999 to April 17, 2000
 (Apr 18th moving photos)

Easy Money 

 on DISPLAY at Redstone Arsenal

 Huntsville, Alabama



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