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64-13145    Co$t Of Living

May'67    Bong Son

  20mm Cannon Accident. (LOSS)

Brand spanking new 64-13145 with its "factory-fresh" paint job...
This aircraft was later nicknamed "Co$t Of Living".

Photo is from the BOEING Company archives...

64-13145 being tested and still has its 'state-side' paint job...
This photo also from the BOEING Company archives...

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co$t-us1 ( 145 at Edwards AFB for flight testing - before replacing Stump Jumper )

co$t-01 ( Guns-A-Go-Go armament systems display with 2LT Paul J. Hicks )

co$t-02 ( Crash info with photo of 2LT Hicks in front of 228th/Go-Go unit sign )

co$t-03 ( Len Demaray - wreckage recovered to An Khe [Go-Go on forward crown] )

co$t-04 ( Photos/History of the forward crown Go-Go patch at the Museum )

co$t-05 ( Frank White and I touch the last known piece of Co$t Of Living )

co$t-06 ( LT Paul Hicks and CoL crew - REST IN PEACE - you are not forgotten! )

co$t-07 ( Finally! Photo evidence of Co$t Of Living's combat artwork )

co$t-08 ( Co$t Of Living lounging around at LZ Pony in Jan'67 )


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