Co$t Of Living // Forward Crown Go-Go patch photo //

8 Jun 99 - Frank White and I met at the Aviation Museum. Frank brought his painting "Go-Go's Last Stand" (Birth Control & Easy Money) and a model diorama of Easy Money for the museum. Frank and I got to hold the forward crown piece in our grubby little hands. I inspected the back side of it and found more confirmation that it belonged to
 Co$t Of Living. Several numbers were stamped in the green zinc chromate paint - one of them was "B-117." As you can see from the stateside paint job at the beginning of this link, B-117 is Boeing's ID number for #145 and it is painted on the side of the aircraft. Here is a photo of Frank and I holding the last known piece of Co$t of Living.

Photo by Jim Ketcham,
 at the Army Aviation Museum, Fort Rucker, AL

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