Co$t Of Living // Forward Crown Go-Go Patch photos //

28 Jan 98 - I took an 8x10 B/W close-up photo of the above forward crown to the Army Aviation Museum (Fort Rucker). The 8x10 B/W was mailed to me a couple of weeks ago by Robert Schweitzer. Until we exchanged email earlier this month, I had
not see or heard from Bob since we were together 30 years ago in C/228th.
Photo from Bob Schweitzer
wreckage at crash site (Bong Son).

The museum has a piece of metal with a
Go-Go patch painted on it. It is dark OD outside and zinc chromate inside. Steve Maxham (Director) and I compared the photo to his piece of metal. We compared
the design of the patch and verified the rivit paterns and placement. THEY MATCHED!

Photo by Jim Ketcham
at the Army Aviation Museum

The museum piece is all that remains of
Co$t Of Living. Someone had the forethought to hack it out of the forward crown and bring it home to the Army Aviation Museum.

Photo by David Borrego
wreckage recovery at An Khe.

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