Co$t Of Living // CW2 Robert Hicks photo //

This is 2LT Paul J. Hicks. The photo was provided by his son, CW2 Robert Hicks. 2LT Hicks was KIA May 5, 1967, when "Co$t Of Living" went down near Bong Son. The aircraft crashed and burned on impact, killing all on board (a total of eight crewmembers KIA).

"Easy Money and Co$t Of Living had just finished a gun run...when the pilot of Birth Control was told that Co$t Of Living had been shot down... they looked to the rear and saw the fireball." CW2 Rob Hicks

From the Accident Summary: "Analysis revealed the forward ball lock retaining pin on the left 20mm fell out in flight."

"During a firing run, a forward mounting pin broke, causing one of the 20mm cannons to elevate and fire through the forward rotor system." Vietnam: The Helicopter War, by Phillip Chinnery.



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