C / 228th in Cambodia = #114 // Clifford J. Morley photos //


Cliff Morley had two tours with the 228th. First tour was with B Company May'68/69.
He is on his 2nd tour (Jan'70 to Sep'70) in this photo with 66-19114 "The Pusher"

They were on short final to an LZ in Cambodia with a "105" sling and had a blade strike.
The co-pilot chopped the throttles and they ended up on top of the load sitting on a dirt mound.
Looks like they are jacked up for an oil change...


The pilot cranked back up (all by himself) and hovered over to the side of the LZ to get it out of the way.
The crew departed the area on a Huey and left #114 for Maintenance to recover later.

The aircraft commander, Capt. Larry D. Mohler, is on top of CH-47B 66-19114 making a final inspection
before flying the damaged aircraft, alone, off to the side of the LZ.

John A. Williams, the left gunner on "The Crash of the Pusher in Cambodia."
Note his trademark white plastic spoon. He was always ready to chow down
on some delicious c-rations. Photo is courtesy of John A. Williams.

David Petty II, the crew chief and right gunner on "The Crash of the Pusher in Cambodia."
Note the Arizona state flag behind him which was often mistaken for a Vietcong flag.
Photo is courtesy of Clifford J. Morley.