C / 228th ASHB at Bear Cat & Phouc Vinh

Pictured below are four more of Charlie Company's young troopers. This photo was taken near the end of 1968 at Bear Cat after the 1st Cav moved down south. Arliss Busby became Flight Engineer on #472 after Pat Murphy left. Rick Leisy Crew Chiefed with SSG Len Demaray after Len came to C Co when the Go-Go unit disbanded in Feb'68. (See the Guns-A-Go-Go link.)

Rick Leisy, John Cornett, Dennis Griffin, Arliss Busby

This is Ray Powell. He has provided several pictures for our 228th Home Page. This photo was taken in xxx'00 at Phouc Vinh.


Hey - Ray is wearing the C Co pocket patch! Got to asking around and found that Bill Lee (right here in Mother Rucker) had one. We now have an image of all three patches.



The picture below is what our hooks looked like at the other end of the revetment.

Photo by Ray Powell.

I like the Cav patch and Charlie company circle on the aft pylon. Photo by Ray Powell.


The photo below was taken on January 8, 1970 at Camp Gorvad, Phouc Vinh, in front of the C/228th Chinook Revetments. The 13 pilots are in a mock football formation because the focus of the photo was a custom painted "Crimson Tide football" that had been sent to C Company by the legendary football coach of the Alabama Crimson Tide, Paul "Bear" Bryant. It was personally autographed by his entire coaching staff!

Crimson Tide Football team, RVN Conference,
C/228th ASHB, photo from Steve Lindholm

1. CW2 Gary Parsons

6. CPT George Moore

10. MAJ Bob Lanzotti

2. CPT John Smith

7. CW2 Steve Lindholm

11. CPT Harrold Merrick

3. CPT Larry Mohler

8. CW2 John Moore

12. 1LT Rick Storm

4. 1LT Jim Lemaster

9. CW2 Rick Wilken

13. CW2 Davis

5. WO1 Larry Covey