C/228th ASHB at An Khe

I was in Charlie Company from Dec'67 to Dec'68. We left An Khe in early '68 going north to Camp Evans.
However, I do remember Hon Kong Mountain , the Golf Course and LZ English, among other things.
Other folks have provided photos of the years at An Khe. Jim Ketcham...webmaster

ankhe-01 1SG Gardner with Aakjar in the doghouse and John Fox at LZ English.

ankhe-02 Brian Mooney's photos at An Khe (updated: Jul 05)

ankhe-03 John Thorne's photos (1967) at An Khe (added: Feb 06 and updated Apr 08)

ankhe-04 Dick Busch's photos (1966/67 at An Khe (added: Jan 07)