B/228th mini-reunion'99 at Fort Rucker

"CW2" Ron Disney   "CW2"Carl Hess   "MAJ"Ralph Jackson
 Ralph was the Commander of B/228 in 1968 (Red Beach & LZ Sharron)

This fine gathering took place the week prior to the CW4 Reunion (2nd week of June'99) at Fort Rucker. I think Ralph was here for the 145th Trans Co (CH-37) reunion. Ron just came down to have fun (I did give them a tour of both Flight Simulator buildings). Carl works here at Rucker for LSSI as a flight instructor. I am a DAC and work in the Goodhand Simulator Complex (contract oversight). We had a great visit and all went out to supper in Daleville at Quincy's Steakhouse.

Ron and Ralph even let an old FE from C/228th sit between them.
"SP5" Jim Ketcham (C/228th - 1968)

We had a great time at Quincy's telling TINS (Tet'68, A Shau Valley, etc..). Carl also took some pictures. I will scan and post his when I receive them. [ Jim Ketcham, FE, C/228th, Dec'67/68 ]