B / 228th ASHB at LZ Sharron and Red Beach
Photos by Bill McClain.

Bill McClain with 069 "WAR WAGON" after a rocket attack.



Ole War Wagon was zapped by a couple of 122 mm rockets.


On April 17, 1968, 069 was down for a 100 hour inspection. It was a pretty morning at LZ Sharon and myself and a maintenance sgt. was onboard discussing the upcoming inspection. 2 -122mm rockets came in over the top of us and landed about 10 feet from the side of the ship. The concussion was incredible and it blew 069 up on its side in the revetment and then fell back down. There was lots of holes in the ship and us. A truly significant, life changing event! As Winston Churchill once said "There's nothing quite so exhilarating as being shot at and missed".

Bill McClain





A CH-54 Crane lifts


out of LZ Sharron for

a free ride to Red Beach.





arrives at Red Beach, Da Nang.

The Flight Engineer has to stay

with the ship while it is being repaired.

Bill will have an opportunity to get

up close and personal with the

white beach sand.


Bill McClain pulling guard duty at Red Beach.
Remember the white sand, PSP, the bay and mountains?