B / 228th ASHB at Red Beach & LZ Sharron

The burned hooks on the PSP were around TET time in '68. The Battalion was in the process of moving up from An Khe to I Corps and was at Da Nang. I had just taken over B Company and was up at Red Beach. We were mortared during the night (92 of them) and three hooks were burned up. What a rude welcoming." MAJ Ralph Jackson. See photo below.

"This is B company's area in the sand at Red Beach. What a sandy Hell. We made sidewalks from 105 ammo crates to make walking easier." MAJ Ralph Jackson photo above.


 This is B Company's Wayne Price (on the left) and C Company's Rick Leisy. They are standing behind #439 at Red Beach. This photo was taken some time in '68.

Wayne and Rick became good friends at Hook School in Fort Eustis. After Cav Charm School in An Khe, they were both assigned to B Co at Red Beach. However, when they arrived at Red Beach, Rick was sent on to C Co. at Camp Evans.

Photo from Rick Leisy.

MAJ Ralph Jackson's photo and he said, "This is a B Company ship slinging a Russian truck back from the A Shau Valley during our first forray into there. We kept it at LZ Sharron (where B company was) using it as a company carry-all until Div made us give it up to them." CWO Ronald "Diz" Disney says, "MAJ Joe Newsome and myself were the pilots of that flight." Ralph said in a later e-mail that Ron had to acquire a distributor rotor cap from a truck back at Camp Evans to make this one operational. Diz also e-mailed a list of about 25 pilots he remembers from that time period in B/228. One pilot on the list is CWO Carl Hess, who lives in Ozark and is a contract IP for primary here at Mother Rucker. I see him occasionally in the simulator building and around Ozark. Small world!

This is SP5 Hugh Buzzell with "Miss Bev" 66-0077. Hugh came to B Co from Guns-A-Go-Go. He says "Miss Bev" was a recovery ship prior to him getting it. He only made 2 or 3 of all those recoveries. Note he is wearing the Go-Go pocket patch. Photo / Hugh Buzzell.

"The troop picture is B Company change of command in Sep'68. That is me in front. Don't recall who took over the company, but I went to Bn as the S-3, where I remained until I left for home in Jan'69." MAJ Ralph Jackson, photo above. Mini-Reunion Jun'99.


Wayne and Rick went to Viet Nam together on the same flight. They returned together, too.

They are pictured here at Cam Ranh Bay waiting for the Freedom Bird to come home.

Photo from Rick Leisy.