B / 228th ASHB at An Khe


Arnold Christensen (Bigfoot) sent this one. Chris the Bigfoot says Panther 140 was his and Larry Campbell's. The photo is near the border in the highlands.
Foot's claim to fame:
 1. 1st Cavalry Division,
 2. 1st Team,
 3. 1st string - original boat person (on USS Boxer),
 4. First Hooks in country!

Foot says this image was scanned from the cover of Aviation Digest many moons ago (looks like 1966).




Here is a shot of Lee Dorsey with #069,
aka "Frenchie"...

Lee was a Flight Engineer in 66/67.
Bill Kee was Lee's crewchief.

Lee's 2nd tour was with the Boxcars.


Photo is from Lee Dorsey.


John Adams sent this photo of his dad. John's dad is on the left and was the commander of B/228th sometime in 1966/67. MAJ Edward Adams in on the left. The man on the right has been identified as MAJ Gene Boyer.

I have an update (27 Jul 05) from Jim Frye (Guns-A-Go-Go).
MAJ Boyer became the commander of B/228 after Adams.
Later, Boyer was the CO of Executive Flight Detachment
(Presidential Helicopter Support ) for many years.


This is a cut from a larger photo which is shown below...

Photo credit John Adams. His father MAJ Edward Adams is on the left.