C / 228th at An Khe in 1967 // John Thorne photos //






Paul Silva (Left) and John Thorne (R) went
thru maintenance schools together
at Fort Rucker and Fort Eustis.
They ended up in C/228th together.


Gary Ryser - - - - John Thorne - - - - Dennis Clancy - - - - Mike Muniz


Nice photo of the early Golf Course (before reventments were constructed).
Got to be C company cause I see the circles aft of the crew doors.

John said they first lived in GP medium tents which were replaced by concrete slab "houches" with metal roofs.
Ahhh... The home-made cement mixer. I'm sure it beat mixing cement by hand.


Anyone remember this building? John says it was the EM Club.

Arnold (Bigfoot) Christensen remembers it and says, "It sure looks like it to me and was built in early '66 over an existing rice paddy that had been drained. It had mahogany floors in two layers running in opposite directions diagonally. First EM club in the whole division as I recall and its first guy running it was SP5 Jerry Wnek a long time old friend of mine and later years worked for me as a tech inspector..."

Dick Busch remembers it too - says it was fondly known as the "Lower Four Club"