A/228th: Phu Bai (Memory of Larry Costley)   

Larry L. Costley SP4 - 27 Jul 47 - 3 Oct 68
Flight Engineer on CH-47A 66-19041
 "The Grunt Wagon" Larry's crew and all six passengers were killed in a "mid-air" with a C-7A Caribou at Camp Evans. The Grunt Wagon was on the daily shuttle run and had just departed LZ Nancy and was landing at Camp Evans. All personnel aboard both aircraft perished. Larry Jr. was born after his dad left for Vietnam and provided these photos.

The crewchief killed in this crash was:
SP5 Jerry L. Pierce, Jr.

  Fine looking troops below - all were grads of Class 15-68/67U20, Fort Eustis, VA.
Photo was taken in March '68 at Phu Bai. Looks just like a bunch of new guys!

Front row (L>R) Larry Costley, Harold (Bud) Launius, and Ron Dobbs. Back row (L>R)
is Elton Chappell (of 105 hole in hook fame) and Clyde Finn.
Photo courtesy of Larry Costley, Jr.

 Larry Barlage (April'68) Larry Costley

Elton Chappell and Larry Costley
(Utah Beach - May'68)

Check out this "motley crew" at Phu Bia in April of '68. This must be A company's
"Dirty Dozen" Can anyone fill in names? Photo courtesy of Larry Costley, Jr.



3. Ronald A. Cross

4. Jim Rowe



7. Larry Barlage

8. "Bud" Launius

9. David Warnock



12. Larry Costley

Jim Rowe says this bunch was filling sand bags in and around their quarters in the spring of '68.