A / 228th ASHB: An Khe   

Remember this mountain at An Khe base camp?

This Late '66 photo is from A/228 area of the Golf Course. Do you remember that huge 1st Cav patch painted up there on the side of Hon Kong mountain? This shot overlooks the PSP runway and Larry thinks the buildings on the other side may be the Division's hospital area.
Photo courtesy of Larry Roquerre, A/228th, '65/66.

This is A Company's #915 over the observation post atop Hon Kong Mountain. Had you forgotten how large that Cav patch was? Larry Roquerre (Frenchy) became Flight Engineer on 915 after this photo was made. From this mountain you had a grand 'over-look' of the 1st Cav's base camp and the Golf Course at An Khe.

Photo courtesy of the Boeing Company

Looking down the Golf Course...

This October '66 Golf Course shot is looking from A Co flight line
down the Golf Course, parallel to the PSP landing strip.
Photo courtesy of Larry Roquerre, A/228th, '65/66.